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Challenge your students to design a game, attend a Discord seminar, or even be recognized for outstanding leadership skills through social philanthropy.

Join Us Online
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In the spring of 2020 VGCUSA fought to connect kids during the COVID pandemic by establishing a presence on Discord.  


This decision ushered in an entire section of STEM practices while connecting more gamers than any one single VGC meeting. 

If you have kids who are looking meet new people, attend online seminars, or simply find a game to jump in, join our server and say hello. 

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If Twitch is your thing, then we have you covered there as well. 


Every week, Friends of VGCUSA jump online to play games, build community, and spread positivity.  

Every Tuesday at 4PM eastern, we go live with a Pop Up Panel to discuss board games, chat with celebrities, and hang out!


Come and join in the fun.

Interested in Streaming For VGCUSA?

Think of this as joining the "Cool Kids Club" at school.  No, better yet, what ever is better than the "Cool Kids Club"?  Being a content creator and friend of VGC helps spread the word, support schools starting gaming clubs, and help VGCUSA to complete its mission of gaming clubs in every school in the country.

If you are interested in streaming with VGCUSA, hosting a charity stream in our honor, join us to play Fortnite on Fridays, or drop by our Tuesday POP-Panels simply drop us a line @VGCUSA or email

Become a Friend of VGCUSA Today!
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