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Challenge your students to design a game, attend a Discord seminar, or even be recognized for outstanding leadership skills through social philanthropy.

VGCUSA Honor Society


Mr. Wendell Thomas was the first coach to take me under his wing and truly teach me how to be a better coach, teacher, and person in life.  The life lessons Coach Thomas demonstrated for me as a young educator resonate with me, even as I type this message to you.  

Do your best! Always be patient and available for young people, because you may be the best part of their day.  

None of these lessons were taught to me in some sort of classroom discussion, but rather learned while working along side him to be a positive influence on the youth in our care. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Josh Bound

Founder of VGCUSA

The Order of Wendell

Our VGC honors society looks to champion gaming club students from all over America who are making an impact within their community. Our goal is to recognize and highlight the efforts of your students! 


Do you have a student who uses their time to benefit others? Maybe your student has organized a fundraiser for a local charity, organization, or person in need. Perhaps one of your members went above and beyond to make a small dent on our universe and you feel they deserve formal recognition.  Tell us about it!  

The inaugural Class of 2024 is forming now.

  • Positively impacting your community for the good.

  • Send us a two minute video explaining the impact your student has had on their local community. Your application video will bring your story to life!  Please include images or testimonials to help explain your story.

  • Videos can be no longer than two minutes. Any video longer than two minutes will not be considered.

  • Video submissions can be submitted by VGC Mentors or Members directly to our application team for consideration. 

  • All video submissions must be received by midnight on February 28th, 2024.

All accepted applicants will receive:

- Formal recognition from VGCUSA in the form of Letters of Recognition to both the applicant and associated academic institution

- Consideration for VGCUSA merit scholarships

- A Class of 2024 plaque and golden VGCUSA enamel pin

- Recognition of your story at

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