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E1G Purpose

  • Allow students the opportunity to meet and connect with gaming industry insiders.

  • Help students connect socially through gaming.

  • Grant students the ability to talk directly with potential colleges and career fields.

  • Help students gain insight into the world of Esports and potential career and college programs.

  • Are you interested in hosting an Everyone Games Event with your students?

  • Students, with our support, plan, organize, and run a two day gaming convention.

  • If you have kids who use Discord and watch Twitch, then we would live to talk to you.

Host an Event

April, 2021
January , 2021

How many students would I need to run an event?

  • Typically you need 8-12 students who are committed to the idea of hosting a weekend, but the bigger you plan the more you would want help.

What roles can I expect my students to experience while running an E1G event?

  • Depending on your events schedule, your students will experience a number of amazing aspects of life.  Your students might "Host" the event as a personality, "Support" the attendees during the event through Discord, "Hype" the event up through social media channels, "Design" the layout of the event, or even provide "Technical" know-how  while operating the ins and outs of Discord and Twitch.

What would we be responsible for during the planning and operation of an event?

  • The answer to this is tricky as in all honesty we want your students running and designing everything, or as much as possible.  The E1G staff consists of students like yours and as such are gaining leadership experience one problem or question at a time.  Items like websites, Twitch, and Discord channel will be provided by the E1G servers, while your group of students would plan, advertise and staff the event.

How much time is needed to effectively plan and conduct an E1G Event?

  • We suggest a two month window of time with weekly meetings via Zoom or Discord to keep everyone on the same page. Below is a quick timeline overview.

  1. Find your students and plan a meeting (1 Week)​

  2. Begin meeting weekly with E1G staff to guide (6 Weeks)

  3. Host the event and celebrate (1 Week)


EGPA Proof of Concept

Everyone Games PA



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  • Colleges and Career Insiders

  • Building a Gaming PC from Parts

  • Streaming Tips and Tricks

  • Esports and College; Getting Recruited and things to know!

  • Dungeons and Dragons Character Development and DM'ing

  • COSPLAY for Beginners

  • Indie Game Development

  • Industry Professionals

  • Starting an Esports Team from Scratch...What to do?

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