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SEL + Games

With the help of highly skilled professional educators, librarians, and support personnel, VGCUSA has hacked some of the most popular tabletop and video games on the market.

Through these efforts, educators have been able to jump start their student's social emotional skills with every roll of the die or push of the button. 

THE Framework

For Encouraging Social Emotional Learning Through Gaming

  • Based on the CASEL standards
  • Promotes relationship building through gameplay
  • Encourages career readiness through teaching social skills
  • Breaks down social stereotypes through the neutral platform of gaming
  • Develops leadership qualities through community outreach programs
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CASEL's Core Competencies

The Framework

Bel Air Cyber Reds, El Paso, Tx

STEAM Ideas+
Design Thinking=

Big Brain Moment!  8 real world examples to use with your gaming club to connect with your local community. 

Our Publications

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