Our Story

What began with a teacher and three students in the spring of 2014, quickly developed into the most meaningful experience of an educator's career.  By empowering the student population, which was and is not usually celebrated by society, the Career Magnet School Video Game Club (VGC) began to promote positive social emotional experience and skills through gaming. 

In September of 2018, Josh Bound delivered this TEDx Lancaster presentation and announced to the world the foundation of the Video Game Clubs of America.

The Timeline

Spring 2015: The Idea

1 teacher and 3 students were discussing the pros and cons of gaming consoles during some down time, when one of the students said; "How cool would it be to have a video game club?" #BoomBigIdea

Fall 2015: A Greater Purpose

Career Magnet School video game club becomes THE VGC, and hosts it's first 24 hour gaming marathon for charity.


A student, Chris Sellers, passes away from leukemia during this time period. THE VGC donates $1,500 to the Sellers family to help offset the funeral costs.

And it became apparent our mission was to make the socially awkward, socially active, and give back to society.  #GamingForGood

2017: Breaking Out

Using Minecraft, members of the VGC@CMS were able to connect with local youth.


Our members practiced social skills and mentoring while participants gained knowledge about the MC universe.  #WinWinWin

17 Teens accepted the challenge to play 12 retirees from a local retirement home to games of Wii bowling and board games.  We lost.  #GreatestGeneration

VGCUSA Handout-06.png

2019: Spreading the Word

Josh Bound presented at ISTE and "Pitched" his ​ideas at the Apple Distinguished Educators Institute of the Americas.

Members presented at Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference.

The Framework for the Promotion of Social Emotional Learning Through Gaming was made public for download and quickly followed by the 1 to 1 Framework.

Clubs across the United States began forming based on VGCUSA ideals.

2021: Going Global

VGCUSA and students from various clubs hosted two online Everyone Games Events (EGPA and EGWEST) in Pennsylvania and Texas.

VGCUSA moved from a private non-profit charity to a public non-profit and created a national board of the coolest and ratified bylaws.

We entered into a grant program for librarians in public schools to begin gaming clubs.  The $25,000

grant will start roughly 50 new schools this year.

Members of the board began talking with the Whitaker Science Center about hosting a live Everyone Games Pennsylvania in November.

Josh presented at the Galveston Esports Convention as a Keynote Presenter on how gaming clubs differ from esports programs.

Three Boys.png

Chris Sellers, 1997-2015

2016: Becoming Socially Active

THE VGC hosts a Minecraft room at the Chambersburg Area School District's Autism Walk.

THE VGC hosts a second 24 hour gaming marathon and raises $3,100 to purchase Nintendo Wii consoles to be put in 15 different pediatric rooms in the Chambersburg hospital.

Additionally, we supply an encyclopedia of games and DVD's and instructions for use.

2018: A TEDx Talk & Announcement

In the Fall of 2018, Josh Bound delivered a TEDx Talk in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The speech was titled "Making the Socially Awkward, Socially Active." and it told the story of how his Career Magnet School Video Game Club had been successful in promoting positive social emotional learning.  


As his talk came to an end, Josh announced to the world the creation of The Video Game Clubs of America and the cat was officially out of the bag.  



2020: Growing the Movement

Josh Bound presented at Apple Summer Festival of Learning on how to use mobile games to connect people from all around the world.

VGCUSA continued to expand its influence into Texas as Josh and Mike spoke at the TCEA conference with the students and staff of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). #GoHoneyBadgers 

Covid-19 hit and VGCUSA went virtual through the creation of the Everyone Game Series of events via Discord and Twitch.

Josh spoke at the Games for Change Festival on the power of gaming clubs and Esports in schools.


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