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VGCUSA strives to eliminate social isolation, encourage play, and enhance the lives of marginalized students by establishing inclusive gaming clubs in educational settings.


Through a gaming club, marginalized students enhance their social, emotional, and career readiness skills, all while forming lasting friendships and getting ready for the professional world.


As participants in a video game club, students evolve into benevolent citizens, actively involved in charitable endeavors within their schools and localities. They develop essential skills in communication, planning, and leadership, and also nurture transferable talents such as graphic design, streaming, coding, and game development.


Gaming clubs introduce a distinctive perspective to the STEAM curriculum, immersing young people in the realms of game design, gaming culture, and gaming lore. This paves the way for their future endeavors.


What began with a teacher and three students in the spring of 2014, quickly developed into the most meaningful experience of an educator's career.  By empowering under privileged and socially awkward student populations the Career Magnet School Video Game Club (VGC) began to promote positive social emotional experience and skills through gaming. 

In September of 2018, Josh Bound delivered this TEDx Lancaster presentation and announced to the world the foundation of the Video Game Clubs of America.



In the fall of 2015 a student at the Chambersburg Career Magnet School named Chris Sellers was diagnosed with a form of cancer.  Looking for a way to justify the club's existence in an extremely conservative county, the CMS VGC hosted a 24 hour gaming marathon with the Extralife Charity. As the event began, many of our members became aware that Chris had just recently passed away and talks began of donating the $1,500 raised to help pay for funeral costs.  The group executives voted unanimously to give the money to the Seller's family around 10pm that evening.

Chris' family was contacted and his mother came to the school to pick up the undisclosed amount of money.  Mr. Bound met Mrs. Sellers in the front office, simply gave her a hug and handed her the cash.  No students were present, no pictures were taken, and none of the VGC members wanted any glory from doing what was right.  At that moment the purpose of gaming clubs had been defined and since that 24 hour marathon the CMS VGC has raised more than $15,000 for local charities and families in need.


By empowering socially awkward students to forge relationships and experience an educational setting which was safe and emotionally secure, gaming clubs really can make a small dent in this amazing universe.


At VGCUSA, we are proud to work with partners who share our mission and values. Together, we are building a community that promotes education, socialization, and mental health through video games. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us at

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