About Us.

Our Dream

We will establish Video Game Clubs in every secondary school in the United States, through which the socially awkward will become the socially active.  No one should ever eat alone in a VGC world.

Our Story

Started in 2014 by three students and a teacher, the Career Magnet School Video Game Club has successfully raised thousands of dollars for charity and encouraged social activism in their local community.

Your Kids

VGCUSA.org is here to help you start a Video Game Club in your school.  We will supply you with a Nintendo Wii starter kit, sample release forms and ideas for getting the socially awkward in your building to be socially active members of society. 


Our Mission and Vision

  • We believe that through gaming clubs, students will break down the stereotypes imposed by the "cliques" and "labels" imposed by the American educational setting. 

  • It is our intention to develop and support social active gaming clubs in every secondary school in this country.

  • Through gaming we have the opportunity to teach social emotional skills and prepare all of our students to be college and career ready path. 

  • The Video Game Clubs of America will have at least one VGC in every state in the country.

  • VGCUSA will develop its National Board of Advisors to completion.

  • Organize a Wii Collection Drive and Fundraiser to create started kits for new clubs.

  • VGCUSA will host a series of Virtual and In Person events for middle and high school students.

Goals for 2021

Our Squad

Mr. Josh Bound
  • Founder of VGCUSA.org

  • Apple Distinguished Educator, 2019

  • Career Public School Teacher (Est. 2000)

  • M. Ed. Admin, 2006

  • M. Education Technology, Summer 2019

  • Favorite Game: Arkanoid

Dr. Nikki Wishard
  • Director of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Public School and Online School Teacher (Est. 2004)

  • Ph.D. Education Specializing in Curriculum and Instruction, 2015

  • Favorite Game: Classic Uno

Mr. Mike Pittenger
  • Founder of VGCUSA.org

  • School Systems IT Specialist (Est. 2012)

  • Team SoloMid Junkie

  • Holder of the WiFi Passwords

  • Favorite Game: Final Fantasy

The Timeline


Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 12.58.36 PM.pn

The Idea

1 teacher and 3 students were discussing the pros and cons of gaming consoles during some down time, when one of the students said; "How cool would it be to have a video game club?"





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