"Starting a gaming club will be the best thing I ever do in education."
Max Jamelli
Chambersburg, Pa

A Gaming Clubs Impact

  • Gaming clubs have the power to connect all students and act as a safe space for kids.  

  • Playing games acts as  a "Neutral Platform" for students to see beyond the stereotypes.

  • Nobody should ever eat alone in a VGC world.

Our High Five Approach

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  1. Promote Social Emotional Learning Through Gaming

  2. Create Safe Spaces for Students to Forge Friendships and Practice SEL

  3. Connect Members with Society Through Philanthropic Work

  4. Encourage STEAM Aspects of Gaming Culture Through Experiential Opportunities

  5. Prepare Students to be College or Career Ready

Promote Social Emotional Learning Through Gaming

Feel free to see how we connect video, tabletop, and card games to CASEL 5 Core Competencies.  From Pokémon Go to Hearts we have you covered and connected with Social Emotional Opportunities. 

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Student Testimonials


Start a Gaming
Club Today

Check out our Club page and decide if you want to officially register your building or organization with VGCUSA.  By becoming a member you gain access to editable forms (Bylaws, Permissions, and Field Trips to name a few).  Why wouldn't you register? IT IS FREE!

Practice Social Philanthropy

Give your students the opportunity to experience being part of something greater than themselves.  Find a local charity, have a student or five organize a plan of action, and have an adventure helping your community in need. 

Opportunities to teach students how to plan, organize, and lead a communal effort are an amazing way to empower gamers. #SolidCitizen


Chambersburg VGC raised $2,400 for a student with Leukemia from a single carwash.  #RethinkGamers

Prepare Students to be College or Career Ready

The Video Game Clubs of America is proud to present the Everyone Games Event Series.  Simply known as E1G, these two day, student organized, gaming conventions offer young people a chance to network, compete, and figure their future out. #RethinkGaming  #CollegeOrCareer #GamingingIndustry

EGWEST Flier for James O'Hagan

Our Latest Publications

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E1G Summer of Fun


Support Our Efforts

Gaming Clubs in schools and youth based organizations create tremendous impact on local communities.  Your donation directly influences a school's or organization's ability to start/continue running a gaming club. 

All donations are 100% tax deductible as VGCUSA is an IRS 501(c)3 registered charity.  

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