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Ways to Give

Since the Video Game Clubs of America is entirely reliant on charitable donations and corporate sponsorship we would love to supply you with a few ideas on how to help us achieve our monetary goals. Please feel free to do any of the following and help VGCUSA start going clubs in every school in the country.

Host a Fundraiser for Us

We are enormous proponents of empowering students to experience charitable works and as such we always suggest running two events during an academic school year.  Event 1 would be for a local cause and Event 2 would be for VGCUSA. 


Purchase VGCUSA Jerseys and Hoodies

If your club needs sublimated jerseys or hoodies, then  you can have a serious impact on our funding!  All of our sublimated gear is made in Maryland, USA and is super cost effective as low as $25 a jersey.  Check out the eJersey Page for more info. 

Donate Your Wii to Us

If you have a Nintendo Wii/Wii U., Wii Games, or controllers that you are no longer using.... Give them to us!  We will send you a shipping label and all you have to do is drop the machine in the mail.  Your donation will then be cleaned up and packaged into a Starter Kit for a school in financial need.  #501(c)3TaxDeduction


Find us a Donor!

Do you have a rich uncle or know someone who does?  If you could introduce us or share our message with them we would be forever grateful. Seriously, we know this is a long shot, but we when it works we will be the ones laughing!  

#PurposefulGaming #NeedFunding #501(c)3TaxDeduction

Gaming Clubs in schools and youth based organizations create tremendous impact on local communities.  Your donation directly influences a school's or organization's ability to start/continue running a gaming club. 


All donations are 100% tax deductible as VGCUSA is an IRS 501(c)3 registered charity.  

Are you able to support VGCUSA today?

Make a One Time Donation

Make a Recurring Monthly Donation

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