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Making the Socially Awkward, Socially Active Every Day.

Homecoming Parade VGC style

Three Kinds of Gaming

Typically, your Video Game Club and its events can be categorized under one of the three main pillars outlined below. As you plan your club's activities, consider incorporating elements from each pillar to foster connections among all members.

Clubs that concentrate solely on "Competitive Gaming" may not appeal to the casual gamer, and the reverse is also true. Therefore, as you set your annual agenda and establish your leadership team, it is crucial to maintain a balanced approach to these pillars.

  • This style of gaming is mainly for students to just hang out and play games and find commonalities in their game choices.

  • An example of this would be two students meeting each other through their love of the game Clash of Clans and sitting together and talking shop, building a clan and destroying a rival together.

Casual Gaming

Social Gaming

  • This style of gaming seeks to get gamers and non-gamers playing together.

  • Games like Risk would be a perfect fit to breakdown cliques and social barriers.

  • A Wii Bowling Tournament is technically Competitive however all types of people have played this game so we would argue it to be social as well.

Kids playing games
Wii Bowling Tourney Semifinals

Competitive Gaming

VGC Esports
  • This style of game play usually occurs for bragging rights of some sort.

  • A great example of this would be a tournament to find the best single player or team in the school.

  • These are best used by placing a sign-up sheet somewhere public and then organizing a tournament bracket.

  • E-Sports would also fall into this category.

Start a Gaming Club Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Join the

It is why you became an educator in the first place. That quiet kid in the corner will thank you!

Question 1: Do I have to play games to run a club?

NO! You only need to want to hang out with kids and be a mentor. It is why we became teachers in the first place, right?

Question 2: How do I get administrator approval?

  1. Make the argument that you are helping kids develop SOCIAL SKILLS while building RELATIONSHIPS through gaming.

  2. Explain how these skills will translate into being CAREER AND COLLEGE READY.

  3. Name drop the CASEL Five Core Competencies and explain how our curricula are aligned with state and national standards. This should do it.

Question 3: When should I have my club meet?

This is up to you and your school's schedule. Some schools meet in the morning, others before and some even after school. It is up to you and your situation.

​Example:  Josh's VGC meets every other Wednesday when in person but every Wednesday online on Discord during Covid-19 Hybrid scheduling.

Question 4: How do I get my club started?

Option 1: Ask your students to bring in a gaming system like the Nintendo Wii and let the sounds fill the hall.

​Option 2: Reach out to VGCUSA and inquire about games and kits we can send your program.

Option 3: Bring in your favorite board game and ask kids to play.

Option 4: Hit up your PTSA for funding of a new gaming system like the Nintendo Switch. Explain to them the social implications a gaming club and prepare to be supported.

As much time as you want to give is the best answer we can give you. If your club can only meet once a week or every other week, then that is the time commitment. The schedule is entirely up to you. We will warn you though... you may want to hang out with kids more and more in a club setting.

Question 5: How much time is involved with running a gaming club?

Question 6: Where do I start?

Simply take a look at The Framework for the Promotion of Social Emotional Learning Through Gaming document below, download bylaws for your club, and start spreading the word about your VGC!

Uno PDf
Tabeltop Design PDF
Jenga PDF
Discord PDf
52 Cards PDF

SEL Hacked Gamer Guides

VGCUSA has been hacking games to promote social skills among students and is proud of the library we have cultivated for you. If you want to elevate your gaming club with these 25+ open source manuals simply click on any of the images below to get started!

SEL + Games = Impact

Start a Club PDF

From Socially Awkward to Socially Active, is the story of our original Video Game Club at the Career Magnet School in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  

The book outlines the steps taken by Mr. Josh Bound as he developed a safe space for kids to connect through gaming and gaming culture. 


This guide is intended to be used by all beginning mentors to grasp exactly what can be accomplished when you have a motivated person wanting to help kids find friendship and practice social emotional skills.

1:1 Framework PDF

A 1:1 variation of The Framework for the Promotion of Social Emotional Learning Through Gaming.

If your school operates on a one to one iPad or touch device, this book is for you.  Download and play apps with your students and have them connect as a group to defeat a rival clan! 

We hope you enjoy this variation as much as the students who wrote it did.

Framework for the Promotion of SEL Through Gaming PDF

The Framework for the Promotion of Social Emotional Learning Though Gaming was a groundbreaking document written in 2019 by Mr. Josh Bound and formatted by Dr. Nikki Wishard.

The book outlines justifes the use of gaming in an educational setting to teach college and career readiness skills.  The document connects everyday game play with both CASEL and Career Readiness Index Standards.

Thank you for mentoring kids through gaming.

Form 3
Form 4
Form 5
Form 2
 Form 1

The Framework for the Promotion of Social Emotional Learning Through Gaming

  • Based on the CASEL standards

  • Promotes relationship building through gameplay

  • Encourages career readiness through teaching social skills

  • Breaks down social stereotypes through the neutral platform of gaming

  • Develops leadership qualities through community outreach programs

Sample Bylaws and Forms To Get You Started

Level 1: The Self Starter Approach

Want to start a gaming club and just need bylaws, permisssion forms, and access to our many “SEL Hacked” gaming guides? St art by downloading our free getting started books and enjoy the ride!

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