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Making the Socially Awkward, Socially Active Every Day.

Level Up With 1Up EDU

Three Students at the Everyone Games PA event in 2021

At VGCUSA, our passion for education was sparked by the profound impact a teacher had on us during our formative years.


The 1Up EDU Framework empowers teachers and librarians to foster connections among students through inclusive gaming clubs. By becoming a mentor and introducing our SEL Hacked games, you can help even the quietest student in the corner forge new friendships.


Join us in making a significant impact on your students' lives.

1Up EDU Framework

  • Aligned with CASEL standards and dedicated to promoting social emotional learning skill and promote STEAM education.

  • Leverages interactive gameplay to foster relationship building among students.

  • Enhance social skills and prepare students for future career opportunities.

  • Improve school culture by dismantling social stereotypes through inclusive gaming.

  • Promote leadership skills through active participation in community outreach.


1Up EDU Professional Coaching

Level 4: Bespoke Programming

  • A custom designed program to meet your school’s current goals and initiatives from start to finish!

  • VGCUSA Staff will actively guide your planning, implementation process, and continued success running your VGC!

  • Copies of the Teacher’s Guide, ten tabletop games, Nintendo Switch, and two Switch games which have been “SEL Hacked”.

Level 1: The Self Starter Approach

  • Want to start a gaming club and just need bylaws, permission forms, and access to our many “SEL Hacked” gaming guides? Then click the button below to get started!


  • Feel free to reach out and say hello! We always love hearing about new clubs being formed!

Level 3: One on One Coaching

  • Receive copies of the 1Up Edu Teacher’s Guide, ten tabletop games, Nintendo Switch, and two Switch games which have been “SEL Hacked”

  • Become a member in one of our online cohorts

  • Schedule “One on One” consoltations with VGCUSA staff to discuss

Level 2: Join Our Cohorts

  • We will send you a copy of our 1Up EDU Teacher’s Guide

  • Grant you access to online support from VGCUSA staff

  • Membership in a 1Up Edu Cohort to discuss teachable moments, gaming techniques, and how to promote school culture through gaming

Students at a VGC meeting
A VGC Cohort meeting
A new club is born
Members of a YMCA PC build Day
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