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Creative Writing Challenge

Like all heroes and villains... our mascot needs an origin story.

Are you up for the task brave adventurer?

Do you accept the challenge of writing our glorious mascots lore? Do you wish to have treasures thrown upon you as the chosen history maker of our eternal tale?

Create an epic origin story for our mascot and be entered for a chance to obtain legendary status!  


Upload a finished copy of your masterpiece by December 20th. Lose yourself, like Eminem, and do not miss your chance to blow as this opportunity comes just once in a lifetime!

Your story must include all of the following:

- Your Name (For Credit's Sake)

- Your Email Address (For Contact Ease)

- Mascot Name

- Mascot lore/backstory

All contestant 's entries must be uploaded via Google Form. Click the button to be transported to the wonderful land of submission pages.  GLHF :3

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