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How to Promote Social Emotional
Through Gaming and Gaming Culture


Society loves to hate on gaming clubs as many people see what we are doing as a waste of time.  When your kids raise money or awareness about a subject, society begins to Rethink Gaming.​


Raising funds or awareness for a local or national effort offers your students the

opportunity to practice new found skills and become a solid citizen.  

Find a cause and do something about it. Be proud of your VGC and post it on all social platforms to get your kids recognition for their good deeds.



From Socially Awkward Students to Socially Active Citizens

Raise Money for Charity

Find a group in need and put a plan together.  Allow your students to experience taking leadership roles as you help them help society. 

#BakeSale # CarWash #24HourStream


Go to a Convention

Nothing says "Gaming Culture" like taking your students to a gaming convention for the day or weekend.  Let your students figure out exactly how cosplay works and that its okay play board games with complete strangers.

Start an Esports Team

In every gaming club you will have a section of student who wants to compete in the name of the school.  SO LET THEM!  Do your research and join a league.


Join Our Discord

Download the Discord App and join our server. Already a member of discord? Come and meet gamers of the world. Login and visit the members page for the invite link.

Have your kids meet our kids.  Cool?

Start a Pokémon Go Team

Get over to the "Curricula" page and download our book on starting connecting Pokémon Go with social emotional skills.  You will not be disappointed.  #GottaCatchThemAll 

Pokemon Go Team.png

Host a Stream-A-Thon

Challenge your kids to playing games all night and stream it on twitch for charity.  Talk about real life experiences.

#LANparty #TwitchAllNight #YoungPeople

Are you able to support VGCUSA today?

Make a One Time Donation

Make a Recurring Monthly Donation

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