At the core of the Everyone Games  is education. With the help of our sponsors we have assembled as many angles of the gaming industry as possible for you to meet and ask questions.  Below you will find a list of our panelists and what they plan on discussing with you.

All discussions will be held in the Everyone Games Discord .  When you enter the discord for your selected panel, we ask that you kindly mute yourself and type any questions in the assigned chats.


Voice Acting in Games


With Max 

Ever wanted to learn what it takes to voice act in video games? Ever wonder how it is done?  Join this panel session with Max and find out.  Max will explain the ins and outs and the ups and downs of his journey in the world of Voice Acting.  

Location: E1G Discord Voice Acting Stage or on Twitch at


Teachers Playing Among Us


Bel Air High School

Join the teachers of Bel Air High School in El Paso, Texas as they try to navigate the ins and outs of Among Us. Will they lie, cheat or steal to win.  Find out on Friday Night.

Location: E1G Discord Teachers Playing Stage or on Twitch at


Want to be a Streamer?


With Laquinn Thompson

Ever wanted to be a streamer or understand how the industry works? Listen to Laquinn Thompson, AKA trubeastmode31. Founder of "THE B.E.A.S.T Initiative P.U.S.H." an esports/gaming youth program.  See what it takes to build your following!

Location: E1G Discord Streaming Stage or on Twitch at

Friday, April 9th, 2021

Saturday, April 10th, 2021


Minecraft Cookie Demonstration


With Tatiana Rodriguez

Wouldn't it be great to be able and defend Steve by simply eating the Creeper.  Show up to this panel and Tatiana promises you will have a delicious plate for all day enjoyment.

Location: E1G Discord Cooking Stage or on Twitch at


Gaming Cosplay


With Leave it to Tegan and E.P. Wolverine

Local cosplayers “Leave it to Tegan,” and “E.P. Wolverine,” have each been cosplaying for over ten years, and specialize in bringing their passion for characters to life in the form of hand crafted costumes. Born and raised in El Paso they live to bring joy and inspiration to their community with their talents. Cosplay for them is more than just a hobby, its a life style, and the foundation of their relationship its self, earning them the nickname "Bonnie and Clyde of Cosplay"

Location: E1G Discord Cosplay Stage or on Twitch at


College and Career Fair


With Alyssa Bower

College and Career Ready?  Find out the ins and outs of applying to college and finding a pathway in life.  Ms. Bower and crew from College Advising Corp will be on hand to talk shop about college and life options for gaming oriented students. 

Location: E1G Discord College/Career Stage or on Twitch at


Poetics and Narrative Design


With Sarah Huizar

Sarah Huizar is a program coordinator for UTEP’s Yes, She Can! STEM mentorship program, and for the El Paso Honey Badgers e-sports team. She is an MFA student in the department of Creative Writing slated to defend her thesis in April. Sarah is particularly interested in writing for video games, known as the field of Narrative Design, and anticipates teaching UTEP's first Narrative Design course in the coming year.

Location: E1G Discord Poetics Stage or on Twitch at


Music in Gaming Live Play Along


With Tony Ramirez

Come join me, Tony Ramirez, as we discuss the history, sounds, and cultural impacts of some of video games' most popular music!

Location: E1G Discord Music Stage or on Twitch at


Comic Book Industry



With 656 Comics 

This session covers what it takes to publish comic books and offers a behind the scenes look at the comic industry.  This is a bilingual presentation.

Location: E1G Discord Comic Pubs. Stage or on Twitch at

STEAM Careers and

the Gaming Industry


With Industry Professionals 

Probably the most worth while panel on the docket.    This panel will be loaded with advice and tidbits you can use to plan your career path.  

Location: E1G Discord Industry Pros Stage or on Twitch at


Esports and College


With College Coaches 

Meet and discuss what it takes to be on an Esports team in college.  Coaches from Wilson College (Pa), Mt. St. Mary's (MD), UTEP (TX), Wichita State (KS) and more will be on hand to explain the ins and outs of the Collegiate Esports scene.

Location: E1G Discord College and Career Panels

Keynote Presentation and Door Prizes


With James O'Hagan

James O'Hagan is a leader in connecting and promoting esports in education. He has had a role in starting and growing esports teams in two large urban school districts. He actively promotes esports as being a medium to something more for students beyond the games. His podcast, The Academy of Esports delves into topics surrounding esports and education and connecting into powerful ideas to increase student agency, motivation, and college and career pathways.

Location: E1G Discord Keynote Stage or on Twitch at

Here Come the Finals Twitch Broadcast! 


With the EGWEST Hosts

#LETTTTSSSSSSGOOOOOOO!  The Finals of our Esports Tourney start now!

Music in Gaming Live Play Along ENCO


With Tony Ramirez

If you missed the first show of the day, Tony is playing an encore here!  Grab that guitar and get ready to jam as he walks you through some of his favorite gaming music.

Location: E1G Discord Music Stage or on Twitch at


Closing Ceremonies

Live on Twitch.


With EGWEST Hosts

Let's wrap this up with a group hug and a few see you down the road experiences!   

Location: E1G Discord Closing Stage or on Twitch at