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Everyone Designs Challenge

The E1D Challenge is designed to get gaming clubs thinking STEAM, practicing social emotional skills, and creating games as a social group.  Will your group compete to design a tabletop game prototype or dive into coding with video game play? Official Fine Print Rules

Teams may begin registering for the E1D Challenge by filling out this Google Form


September 1: Register Your Team (ongoing registration)

September: Brainstorm your game & complete worksheet

October: Start prototyping your game

April: Play Test Your Game

October 28: Every1Games PA Seminar (available online after the event)

November: Begin Playtesting

December: Review Feedback and continue playtesting/revising

January 15: Information will be given through Discord on the submission process

January 31: Final modules due to VGCUSA

Winners Announced: After judging



Students at EGPA21 play games in the Tabletop gaming area.


- Clubs may submit more than one team to compete, though members are asked to not be on more than one team which is competing.

-We recommend teams consist of no more than 5 members


-Teams will decide to create an opening scene and a single playable level of a Video Game OR a playable prototype Tabletop Game.


- Scheduling of your teams meetings is up to you, though participating teams will most likely put in 4-6 hours of work per week.


$250 Prizes will be distributed for each of the following categories!

- Most Original Video Game (Opening Menu and Level 1 Gameplay)

- Most Original Table Top Game (Unboxing, Directions, and Gameplay)

- Most Awesome Art with Backstory (Character Design and Lore)

- Most Original Concept (Based on Theory of Design)

- Best Social Game (Based on CASEL 5 Principles)     


Teams may begin registering for the E1D Challenge by filling out this Google Form


We are excited to continue this event and look forward to seeing what your students create.


Video Game Judges:

More info coming soon

Tabletop game Judges:


Keith Blume: President, L4 Studios

Jeff Horger: Designer, multiple games and Professional Game Developer

John Coussis: Designer, Pacific Typhoon

Terry Coleman: Designer, multiple games

Luann Stubbs: Playtester Extraordinaire

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