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The Framework 

For Encouraging Social Emotional Learning Through Gaming

  • Based on the CASEL standards
  • Promotes relationship building through gameplay
  • Encourages career readiness through teaching social skills
  • Breaks down social stereotypes through the neutral platform of gaming
  • Develops leadership qualities through community outreach programs

The Framework

CASEL's Core Competencies

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Our Publications

STEAM Ideas+

Design Thinking=



Big Brain Moment!  8 real world examples to use with your gaming club to connect with your local community.  

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Why You Should Start a Club

We dare you to read this book.  It's like taking the Blue Pill in the Matrix.

This book has images, ideas and examples galore.

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The Framework

Our original publication which connects CASEL SEL standards with educational standards.


From Wii to Uno it is everything an you would want to justify gaming in your school.

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A 1:1 Framework

This book was designed for all of the 1:1 schools in the world. 


Simply put if you are 1:1 you have zero reason not to promote SEL through gaming as it is literally in your hands. 

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Pokémon Go
and SEL

Yeah! We said it! POKEMON GO gets kids socializing and is a great  game to use with your students. 

This book connects directly with CASEL's 5 Core Competencies.

Traditional Card Games  & CASEL 5 CORE

This book is designed to help teachers use a deck of playing cards to promote SEL in the classroom and directly connects to CASEL's 5 Core Competencies.

Seriously.  Playing Cards.

VGCUSA 52 Cards


We believe Uno to be one of the most useful games a teacher can have in their classroom.  This book not only connects UNO with CASEL 5 Core but offers a printable playing card with rules to help you out!



Learn how to modify the game of Jenga! to promote SEL in the classroom and directly connects to CASEL's 5 Core Competencies. Your students will love it! 

Yeah we said it.  




Superstar student and VGC leader Dan Poe has published a book!  Discord to connect is a book on the ins and outs of using Discord to connect students while practicing valuable STEAM skills.


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We Need Your Help

Gaming Clubs in schools and youth based organizations create tremendous impact on local communities.  Your donation directly influences a school's or organization's ability to start/continue running a gaming club. 

All donations are 100% tax deductible as VGCUSA is an IRS 501(c)3 registered charity.  

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