April 9-10, 2021

On Discord/Twitch


Everyone Games West

  • Allow students the opportunity to meet and connect with gaming industry insiders

  • Help students connect socially through gaming

  • Grant students the ability to talk directly with potential colleges and career fields

  • Help students gain insight into the world of Esports and potential career and college programs.

EGWEST 2021 Purpose


  • Colleges and Career Insiders

  • Building a Gaming PC from Parts

  • Streaming Tips and Tricks

  • Esports and College; Getting Recruited and things to know!

  • Dungeons and Dragons Character Development and DM'ing

  • COSPLAY for Beginners

  • Indie Game Development

  • Industry Professionals

  • Starting an Esports Team from Scratch...What to do?

EGWEST DISCORD SERVER LINK                    https://discord.gg/z2qcD9eza9
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The Schedule

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