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At the core of the Everyone Games is education. With the help of our sponsors we have assembled as many angles of the gaming industry as possible for you to meet and ask questions.  Below you will find a list of our panelists and what they plan on discussing with you.  Enjoy the panels and make sure you thank your bus driver at the end of each session.  

All of the GREEN on our schedule are the  PANELS we will be hosting at EGPA23.

Saturday Panels


What is STEAM??

10:00-11:00, Panel Room

If you have ever wanted to know what even is STEAM, and how it can shape your education, then stop by and find out just how fun STEAM can be! 


The art of  Game Design

11:00-12:00, Panel Room

What actually goes into a typical game design. How can you improve upon it. From Video games to Board games, we have the awnsers. 


MegaRan Q&A


With over 100 THOUSAND monthly listeners, former teacher and nerdcore rapper Mega Ran, shares his story and answers all! 


Believe it! Podcast


TurtleGraveyard and other members of the Believe it! Podcast sit down live and share how the ins and outs of starting a podcast with your friends! 


Comic Books


From the creator of Lycan (Solomon's odyssey) and Hive head Studios. Dennis Robinson Shares his story on how to turn your comic ideas into reality.  


The History of Board Games


How have Board Games shaped history? Why do they matter more than just playing monopoly with your Grandma?

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