At the core of the Everyone Games is education. With the help of our sponsors we have assembled as many angles of the gaming industry as possible for you to meet and ask questions.  Below you will find a list of our panelists and what they plan on discussing with you.  Enjoy the panels and make sure you thank your bus driver at the end of each session.  

All of the Blue Boxes on our schedule are the  PANELS we will be hosting at EGPA21.

Saturday Panels

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Retro Gaming VGC

10:00-11:00,Panel Room

Student from Camp Hill High School will host a panel on how to use a Raspberry Pi for Retro Gaming can be the center of your gaming club. Come and talk shop about what they have done and what you can do.

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Speed Running With Joe Barra

11:00-12:00, Panel Room

Mr. Joe Barra, AKA Darth Joeous, will bring his skills to EGPA and explain why Speed Running may be the next best thing in gaming.  This will be a live demonstration as Joe runs for a best personal time ever!

College and Career Panels

Take this hour to not only get lunch, but maybe find a pathway for life.  Visit the iMaxx theatre and learn about the college process, or take time to talk with industry pros on the third floor.

12:00-1:00, iMaxx Theatre

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How to be a Dungeon Master!

Join our resident Dungeons and Dragons Experts to discuss the process on being the best DM you could be!  This will be a question and answer style panel so come with your best natural 20 questions.

1:00-2:00, Panel Room


Gaming Yoga with Mike!

Mike Pittenger will show you some yoga that may just help you get to the next level in gaming. Control Stress. Improve Flexibility. Game On. 

Bring your own mat if you have one. Tights are optional.

2:00-2:30, Panel Room

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Board Game Design with Max

2:30-3:30, Panel Room

Max Jamelli will walk you through the process of board game design from brain to box.  If you have ever wanted to create a table top game, show up and hear what Max has to say. 


Esports in College Panel

3:30-4:30, iMaxx Theatre

Want to find out more about playing esports in college?  Come and listen to this interactive Question and Answer panel with collegiate coaches and general managers.  You will not be disappointed.


Streaming with Laquinn

4:30-5:30, iMaxx Theatre

If you have ever wanted to know how to become a Twitch streamer, then this is the panel for you. Laquinn Thompson has been building his trubeastmode31 channel for the past two years and is here to talk shop with you.


Cosplay for Noobs with Abby

5:30-6:30, Panel Room

Abby is an avid Cosplayer and wants to show you the basics when talking hair and makeup.  This panel will be question and answer based with a couple hands on examples.  If you want to get into cosplay but don't know where to begin,  come to this panel and find your start!


Keynote Speaker Laquinn Thompson

6:30-7:00, iMaxx Theatre

More than a local streaming icon, Laquinn "TruBeastMode31" Thompson has been educating the youth of York, Pennsylvania for the past decade.  Laquinn will take the stage and offer some wisdom from his journey through life.  Oh and yeah... he will be giving away prizes too.


How to Cook Ramen Right!

7:00-8:00, Panel Room

Jeremy Satyawan will close evening out with an epic "How to Cook Ramen" spectacular!  How else would you end an epic EGPA21?  Show up and learn something new about Ramen.