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At the core of the Everyone Games is education. With the help of our sponsors we have assembled as many angles of the gaming industry as possible for you to meet and ask questions.  Below you will find a list of our panelists and what they plan on discussing with you.  Enjoy the panels and make sure you thank your bus driver at the end of each session.  

All of the GREEN on our schedule are the  PANELS we will be hosting at EGPA22.

Saturday Panels


Streaming with Laquinn

10:00-11:00, Panel Room

If you have ever wanted to know how to become a Twitch streamer, then this is the panel for you. Laquinn Thompson has been building his trubeastmode31 channel for the past two years and is here to talk shop with you.


The art of Cosplay

11:00-12:00, Panel Room

Amber Timlin and Co. will be on hand talking about the beauty and art behind Cosplay.If you want to get into cosplay but don't know where to begin,  come to this panel and find your start!

Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 5.23.46 PM.png

How to be a Dungeon Master!

Join our resident Dungeons and Dragons Experts to discuss the process on being the best DM you could be!  This will be a question and answer style panel so come with your best natural 20 questions.

11:00-12:00, L121


How to Rubix the Cube

11:00-12:00, Room L133

Ever wonder how to solve a Rubix Cube?  Now is your chance to watch, learn, and most importantly not rip the stickers off.  Come to the Gym and walk away with prizes for completion!


Keynote Speaker Kyle Hebert

12:00-12:30, Gymnasium

Voice Actor of Gohan, Ryu, and Fat Gum!  Kyle Hebert has been creating some of the most memorable animated voices for more than twenty years.  EGPA is proud to have Kyle drop some wisdom from his journey through life on the students of Pennsylvania.  Oh and yeah... he will be giving away prizes too.


College and Career Panels

Take this hour to not only get lunch, but maybe find a pathway for life.  Visit the iMaxx theatre and learn about the college process, or take time to talk with industry pros on the third floor.

12:00-1:00, Hallway Corridor


Esports in College Panel

1:00-1:30, Panel Room

Want to find out more about playing esports in college?  Come and listen to this interactive Question and Answer panel with collegiate coaches and general managers.  You will not be disappointed.


Let's Talk Anime!

1:00-1:30, Gym

Anime is so much more than an image on a screen and people need to know this!  Come and discuss with other anime fans about the nuances of this living and breathing way of life.

IMG_9559 2.jpg

Tabletop Game Design

Ever want to learn how to bring a tabletop game to market? By the end of this session you will have the confidence to begin building from scratch.

1:30-2:30, Panel Room


Graphic Novels with Prosser

2:30-3:30, Room L133

Come and listen to a couple of Graphic Novel all-stars as they talk shop on everything graphicly novel .  This Question and Answer formatted session is sure amaze.

Music with Nik

2:30-3:30, Panel Room

Nik Niekirk will be leading this overly interactive music creation seminar!  If you want to help him create an original EGPA22 soundtrack, SHOW UP!


U.S. Army Rocket League Coaching

2:30-3:30, Gym

Come and play in front of and with members of the U.S. Army Rocket League team.  Ask question, get advice, and become a better RL fanatic!

Learn something new today and dominate the competition.


Keynote Speaker Kyle Hebert

3:30-4:30, Panel Room

Voice Actor of Gohan, Ryu, and Fat Gum!  Kyle Hebert has been creating some of the most memorable animated voices for more than twenty years.  Come and learn about a career as a Voice Actor in this Question and Answer formatted session.

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