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Competitive Gaming Tournaments

We are proud to offed a series of Esports titles and other Competitive Gaming tournaments. The Pennsylvania Scholastic Esports League and the US Army Rocket League Team will be organizing all competitive tournaments. 

-Rocket League, Valorant, and LoL are invitational. The best teams in PA will get a chance to play in these tourneys

- Fighters alley: All three games in fighters alley will start then and there and be run by our volunteers 

-Just for Fun and Prizes Tournaments, Social Events, and Panels are first come, first served in nature.  Plan your day and show up a bit early to get a seat or put your name on the bracket. DON'T BE LATE!

Team Based Tournaments

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EGPA23 Team Registration
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We look forward to meeting you.


Individual Tournaments

For all Individual Tournaments you simply show up and put your name on the bracket.  Below is a list of all competitive tournaments we have planned for EGPA23 . DON'T BE LATE.

Tourney is locked at 64 players max.  Show up and register yourself so you don't miss out.

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Street Fighter 6 

Here comes Capcom's newest challenger! Street Fighter 6 will test your skills as the ultimate fighting game!


Injustice 2 

the super-powered sequel to the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us that allows players to build and power up the ultimate version of their favorite super heroes!


Super Smash Bros Ultimate 

Gaming icons clash in the ultimate showdown you can play anytime, anywhere!

Just for Fun and Prizes Tournaments

These tournaments are low stress and are based generally on scores you achieve while playing. For example Mario Kart is about driving a set character around a track to obtain the fastest lap. Get in line and do your best!

ALL of the following tournaments begin at there scheduled time and run for a half hour when a winner will be crowned.


Mario Kart 64


Talk about Retro Gaming!  Three laps and your done! 

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Switch Olympics


4 Random participants from the crowd will be selected to run the gauntlet of Nintendo Switch Sports to be crowned champion!


Street Fighter 2


Put your money where your mouth is and Hadouken till your heart is content!



Only three lives and your out!





Brawlhalla is a wickedly fun platform brawler with moxie


Duck Hunt


Lock and Load, get ready to shoot any duck that comes your way!

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Classic Sonic Speed Run


Come test your speed running skills in the fast paced classic Sega game! 

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Wii Sports Boxing


In a mystery location at a mysterious time. If you know, you know 


Mario Wonder Speed Run


Do your best to get through level 1-1 in Super Mario Bros Wonder.  Only the clock matters! 

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