About Us

Joshua Bound is a teacher at the Chambersburg Area Career Magnet School and is one of the founding fathers of the original VGC. A few years later, he decided that THE VGC shouldn't just be exclusive to one school, and started up VGCUSA.

Mike Pettinger is a teacher/technology integrator at the Chambersburg Area Career Magnet School and is heavily involved with THE VGC. Not only does he help in the original club but he's also a great helping hand in VGCUSA.

Our Timeline

Part 1: Spring 2014

  • In the spring of 2014, 1 teacher and 3 students were discussing the pros and cons of gaming consoles. When one of the students said; "How cool would it be to have a video game club?"

  • Career Magnet School video game club becomes THE VGC, and hosts it's first 24 hour gaming marathon for charity.
  • A student, Chris Sellers, passes away from leukemia during this time period. THE VGC donates $1,500 to the Sellers family to help offset the funeral.
  • And it became apparent our mission was to make the socially awkward, socially active, and give back to society. 
  • THE VGC participates in its first CASD homecoming parade, complete with our own awesome mobile video games setup. 

Spring 2016

  • THE VGC hosts a Minecraft room at the Chambersburg Area School District's Autism Walk.
  • THE VGC hosts it first spring all-nighter just for the fun of it and to raise funds for future club activities.
  • The club created official bylaws and officials of power.

Fall 2016

  • THE VGC hosts a second 24 hour gaming marathon and raises $3,100 to purchase Nintendo Wii consoles to be put in 15 different pediatric rooms in the Chambersburg hospital.
  • Additionally, we supply an encylcopedia of games and DVD's and instructions for use. 


  • THE VGC hosts the Minecraft room again along with the Autism Walk. THE VGC hosts another spring all-nighter to raise funds for more future club activities. Most of these activities start in Fall.
  • THE VGC participates in Walk A Mile in Her Shoes to raise awareness for sexual assault and gender violence.

FALL 2017

  • The fall all nighter starts to raise money for multiple events.
  • THE VGC plays Wii bowling with people at the nursery home. The retirement home wiped the floor with us.
  • Someone decides to have some fun with paintball and rolling skating.


  • THE VGC goes to the movies to have some fun watching Star Wars.
  • THE VGC participates in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes again to help raise awareness of Domestic Violence.
  • THE VGC hosts another all nighter for the club next year.

Right Now

FALL 2018

  • Mr. Bound participates in TEDx Lancaster to talk about power of Video Games to make the socially awkward, socially active.
  • At TEDx Lancaster he unveils The Video Game Clubs of America, a student driven non profit entity designed to establish VGCs in every HS in the country.
  • The official VGCUSA.org website is born.
  • THE VGC does a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings to raise money for Amy Stockslager, a local elementary school teacher diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • THE VGC hosts a second fundraiser for Amy Stockslager, this time through a Fortnite tournament, with the finals taking place in Buffalo Wild Wings. 
  • THE VGC hosts it’s annual fall overnighter
  • THE VGC participates in a Super Smash Bros Wii U tourney at Millersville University

And here we are!  Thanks.

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